Giving Back

As a responsible and involved member of our community, Financial Navigator, Inc. (FNI) embraces the opportunity to give back. We believe our efforts have the most impact when we participate in activities that directly utilize our professional expertise. This belief, coupled with a long-standing relationship with San Jose State University, led to the start of a joint project in 2013.

San Jose State University (SJSU) provides more business graduates to Silicon Valley companies than any other academic institution in the world. It is a critical resource for the local economy and provides a gateway to the American Dream for thousands of first-generation college students. Further, FNI has hired more interns and graduates from SJSU’s Lucas College of Business than from any other source.

Investment Fund Managers 2014-15 (Left to right:)
Frank Jones, Ph.D. – Nancie Fimbel Investment Fellow
Kelly Tanimura – Chief Executive Officer
Tarang Patel – Chairman
Kenney Chiu – Chief Analyst
Michael Safro – Chief Investment Officer
Stoyu I. Ivanov, Ph.D. – Nancie Fimbel Investment Fellow

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of our founding, FNI made a financial gift to the Lucas College of Business in order to establish the Financial Navigator Student-Managed Investment Fund. The capital we contributed provides the means for students to design an investment portfolio, purchase the selected securities and then manage that portfolio on behalf of SJSU. In addition, FNI staff members volunteer their personal time to work with faculty advisors in providing support and guidance to the student fund managers throughout this process. The result is a win/win/win:

  • The students are able to experience first-hand the process, challenges and responsibility of investment management. 
  • FNI personnel achieve the satisfaction that comes from helping young adults learn and grow, both personally and professionally.
  • The University fulfills its mission of educating students and, in the process, enables them to acquire a real-world understanding they could not otherwise attain. Plus, if the students invest wisely, the College of Business can look forward to an additional source of income as the fund grows over the years!

FNI is confident that contributing our time and money in this way will help enrich the education and brighten the future of many young men and women for years to come.

To learn more, visit the Student-Managed Investment Fund at San Jose State University.