Significant Financial Navigator Milestones

April 2017 Asset Vantage acquires Financial Navigator. Read the press release and see the FAQs about the acquisition.
August 2016 The Company enhances its partnership with Summitas®, a software provider who offers a private and secure communication tools that facilitate the flow of information within a family office, as well as with its outside advisors.
June 2016 The Company strengthens its partner relationship with Morningstar® ByAllAccounts
May 2016 The Company moves to a new, expanded office in Santa Clara, California, due to expanded operations. Read the complete story.
March 2016 The Company increases its commitment to the San Jose State University Student Managed Investment Fund. The student teams continue to achieve outstanding investment performance.
February 2016 The Company sponsored Student-Managed Investment Fund at San Jose Sate University continues to outperform S&P 500 since the fund's inception.
November 2015 Company announces the new web-based product is called Polaris. The first users provide excellent feedback on the Early Release Version.
August 2015 FNI builds on strategic relationship with MPA Networks of Belmont, CA, to provide their Private Data Center service to clients. First major family office client implements this service for their entire family office operation. Additional clients are exploring this alternative to meet their network needs.
November 2014 To support it's growing presence in the Middle East / North Africa, FNI establishes a MENA Advisory Council comprised of senior executives with extensive experience dealing with High Net Worth Individuals in this region.
October 2014 The Company continues its global expansion and makes its web site available in of the following languages: Arabic, French, Greek, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish in addition to English.
August 2014 FNI establishes a formal relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the preferred provider for secure, scalable cloud-based services. Access points established for clients at Amazon data centers in Northern Virginia, Northern California, Oregon, Dublin, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Sao Paulo and Cape Town.
April 2014 Financial Navigator begins discussions with its first European distributor in the Channel Islands. Their office is located on the island of Jersey in the English Channel.
March 2014 FNI unveils Financial Navigator 9.5 in the Cloud allowing global access to your financial information. This anticipates the coming release of the next generation product called Polaris.
October 2013 Company sponsors Student Managed Investment Fund at San Jose State University
September 2013 FNI unveils its next generation reporting platform featuring support for complex ownership structures, customizable "at-a-glance" dashboards, and informative charts and graphs.
July 2013 Financial Navigator opens its first international office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The new office is located in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

FNI strengthens its partnership with ByAllAccounts to enhance its data retrieval process and gain access to an increased number of financial institutions.
June 2012 FNI expands its online platform to offer a fully-managed hosted solution in the cloud for its entire product suite.
October 2011 FNI introduces the Enterprise Edition aimed at professionals managing large numbers of entities. This new edition provides multi-entity features such as intercompany transactions and security price updates across multiple entities at once.
April 2011 Financial Navigator launches a series of Online Training Videos to offer continuous education for users and potential users alike.
June 2010 BrokerLink incorporates descriptive data from Russell Investments™ to increase the efficiency of marketable securities transactions.
March 2010 FNI introduces Portfolio View 1.0, a portfolio analytics module that provides comprehensive insight into the composition of portfolios across multiple custodians and entities.
Jan 2010 PriceLink implements the robust RemotePlus™ financial data platform to retrieve pricing and descriptive information for a wide array of marketable securities from Interactive Data Corporation.

Significant Milestones: 2000 - 2009

September 2009 FNI and Russell Investments™ reach a license agreement on RGS Complete, a comprehensive database of global securities and characteristics.
February 2009 FNI signs strategic agreement with Hedge Fund Research™, creator of the HFRI and HFRX indices.
December 2008 FNI releases Financial Navigator 9.0, the latest iteration of its core integrated general ledger accounting and portfolio management software.
August 2007 BrokerLink is expanded to offer a direct link to over 100 brokerage firms.
March 2007 CCH and Financial Navigator, Inc. form a strategic partnership to deliver a complete solution to financial professionals serving High Net Worth clients.
December 2006 The total assets of all clients using Financial Navigator is now estimated to exceed $100 billion.
November 2006 FNI CEO Ed Van Deman leads seminar with strategic partner Family Office Metrics.
June 2005 The Company acquires its own office building to serve the growing client base and provide for future expansion.
November 2004 FNI introduces ROI 1.0, a reporting module that calculates rates of return for portfolios and long-term investments on a money-weighted and time-weighted basis.
June 2002 Merrill Lynch, UBS, Goldman Sachs, E*Trade Prudential Securities, and Fidelity join the growing list of investment firms that make transaction data available to users of our BrokerLink module.
July 2001 The Company introduces Financial Navigator 8.0. With this new version users can customize their windows and reports to fit their work requirements even better.
March 2001 FNI introduces BankLink 1.0. This product imports bank and credit card transactions from financial institutions and posts them in Financial Navigator, thus substantially reducing data entry time and preventing data entry errors.
June 2000 The Company introduces BrokerLink 1.0. This product retrieves daily transaction data from leading firms such as: Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab, and Smith Barney. Freed from the need to manually enter data, clients save time keeping their portfolios up-to-date.
January 2000 The total assets of all clients using Financial Navigator is estimated to exceed $75 billion.

Significant Milestones: 1990 - 1999

June 1999 Financial Navigator announces strategic alliance with industry leading professional association, Institute for Private Investors (IPI).
June 1995 The total assets of all clients using Financial Navigator is now estimated to exceed $50 billion.
October 1993 T. Rowe Price, one of the country’s leading mutual fund companies, partners with FNI to promote the TRP Retirement Planning Kit for PCs.
September 1993 FNI introduces the Financial Navigator Suite, the flagship product with additional modules.
September 1993 FNI introduces CheckForm 2.0 with easier set up for new bank accounts. Users with multiple bank accounts experience a 70% increase in productivity with this product.
January 1992 FNI introduces Financial Navigator 5.0. This new version introduces a new graphical user interface that is easier to use and faster to navigate.

Significant Milestones: 1983 - 1989

July 1989 The total assets of all clients using Financial Navigator software is estimated to exceed $10 Billion.
November 1988 Arthur Andersen forms a joint venture with FNI and develops a book entitled Tracking Marketable Securities. This book focuses on using Financial Navigator to provide accurate tax accounting for investment portfolios.
September 1987 FNI introduces Financial Navigator Access 1.0 for retrieving marketable security prices and other critical securities data by modem. This product gives Financial Navigator users access to the most comprehensive database of marketable security prices.
October 1986 FNI introduces Financial Navigator Professional 2.0. With enhanced features for tracking marketable securities. High Net Worth clients are now able to meet all of their reporting needs with one software product.
November 1984 The Company introduces Financial Navigator 1.0. It is quickly adopted by four of the "Big Eight" international accounting firms as the product they recommend to High Net Worth clients.
July 1983 Ed and John Van Deman start development on a series of software products for High Net Worth investors. Ed brings his extensive experience as a Registered Investment Advisor and CPA. John has formal training and years of business experience in software development.