Track All Entities

Track All of Your Clients' Entities

In order to manage diverse client needs, CPAs must account for widely varying situations involving an assortment of legal entities. Our solution offers the capacity, flexibility and system integrity to meet this challenge. Our Chart of Accounts is customizable and allows you to structure your entities in the way that works best for you—unlike other more rigid accounting applications.

Track Investment Portfolios

Track Investment Portfolios

High Net Worth clients with large, diverse portfolios take time and require special attention. Maximize efficiency and accuracy by downloading banking and brokerage transactions and updating security prices electronically across all of their portfolios with just a few simple clicks.

Share Information

Share Information with Clients

Some of your clients may require 24/7 access to their financial information. With our solution, you can provide access to clients and even allow them to manage certain transactions themselves. With a remote access platform, your clients can view, download, or print reports with ease, anytime and anywhere.

Simplify Tax Returns

Make Tax Time as Easy as Possible

Tax planning and reporting are made easy by our system and its reliability as a true double-entry accounting solution provides peace of mind. Our tax-related reports provide all of the financial information necessary to complete Form 1040 and Schedules A through F. In addition, you can calculate deferred income taxes and provide valuable Detail Trial Balance and Gain & Loss reports.

Financial Navigator allows you to:

  • Run tax schedules A through F in seconds.
  • Prepare summaries for tax forms and schedules.
  • Export to your tax preparation software like CCH ProSystem™ and Lacert™.
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Complex Reporting

Generate Comprehensive Reports

To serve your clients and represent their best interests, you need to communicate their financial position effectively. Our consolidated reporting capabilities allow you to produce customized reports and financial statements that are personalized to each client's needs. In addition, you can export reports and data for use in other applications, such as sophisticated tax-planning software or Excel™.

Financial Navigator allows you to:

  • Produce reports on both cost and GAAP basis.
  • Export all reports to Excel or PDF with ease.
  • Create financial statements, cash-flow analyses, trial balances and investment summaries.
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