Track All Entities

Track All of Your Entities in One Place

As a Family Office, you provide partnership accounting, trust management, foundation management, and personal property management. With our software, you can easily account for all of these complex activities. Whether it's tracking the tax basis, capital gains, investment income, or cash distributions, you can confidently rely on our software capabilities for all your investment accounting needs.

Our software handles the accounting for all the different types of entities you face when working within a Family Office. These entities can include partnerships, Subchapter S corporations, LLCs, foundations, trusts and estates as well as individuals. Our flexible chart of accounts can easily accommodate the varying requirements for each of your entities.

Aggregate Investment Data

Aggregate Data from All of Your Managers

Data aggregation is a key task for any wealth manager in a Family Office. Consolidating investment transactions from multiple custodians, such as brokerage firms, trusts, and banking institutions is no easy feat. Neither is measuring the portfolio performance of multiple accounts across different entities... unless you have an accounting and portfolio tracking system up to the challenge.

With our data retrieval capabilities you'll have a complete system to handle these challenges. You can download investment transactions and update all of your client's portfolios — including hard-to-price securities like options, warrants and bonds — and produce consolidated personal financial statements with ease.

Measure Investment Performance

Calculate Performance and Benchmark Your Managers

Calculating ROI and tracking investment performance is a serious duty for the Family Office professional. As investors strive to be smarter, they want their financial professionals to answer questions about investment performance, risk and benchmark comparisons. Our software can provide all of these answers and more — directly from the detailed general ledger activity.

Financial Navigator allows you to:

Create Financial Statements

Prepare Financial Statements and Consolidated Reports

A Family Office must be able to assess net worth across multiple entities quickly and routinely, for both business entities and individuals alike. Whether your clients are a set of parents and their children, or a multi-generational family with interests across multiple investment vehicles, our software will aggregate and consolidate data from these investments into financial statements that accurately reflect your family's net worth.

Our solution can produce over 150 reports to help you analyze, inform and manage. In addition to financial statements, tax schedules and portfolio holdings you can generate consolidated statements and reports that span multiple years, entities or generations to name but a few possibilities.

See our comprehensive Family Office software reporting capabilities.

Manage Cash Disbursements

Streamline Your Cash Disbursements

Family members rely on their office managers to make frequent distributions including bill payments. Our software prints checks from multiple bank accounts on blank checkstock — fully customized, professionally formatted and MICR-encoded — avoiding the need for different pre-printed check forms.

Share Information

Share Information with Family Advisors

A growing trend among Family Offices is to provide more visibility to advisors such as CPAs, attorneys, and investment managers, as well as other family members. With our software, you can not only give select individuals access to data, but you can also custom tailor the degree of access provided, allowing each advisor to see as much or as little as is deemed appropriate. With a remote-access-enabled platform, you, your client or even an advisor can view, download, or print reports with ease.

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