Software to Give You a Competative Advantage

Give Your Office a Competitive Advantage

Our software can give your office new levels of capability and productivity. It offers deep insights into your clients' financial situation and allows your staff to provide more value to your families. Using our streamlined general ledger and data retrieval capabilities will make your staff more efficient and give you increased bandwith to grow your business.

Financial Navigator allows you to:

  • Deliver over 150 different reports for your clients right out of the box.
  • Leverage electronic data feeds to eliminate time spent on manual tasks.
  • Offer new services to clients by using our software's full range of features.
Aggregate Financial Information

Aggregate Data from Your Clients' Financial Institutions

Data aggregation is a key task for any investment manager of a Multi-Client Family Office. Consolidating investment transaction data from many custodians, such as brokerage firms, trusts, and banking institutions is no easy feat. In addition, there may be several multi-generational families compounding the difficulty. Top it all off with portfolio updates for thousands of stock and bond positions, and your task just became overwhelming... unless you have an accounting system up to the challenge.

With our data retrieval capabilities you'll have a complete system to handle these challenges. You can download investment transactions and update all of your client's portfolios — including hard-to-price securities like options, warrants and bonds — and produce consolidated personal financial statements with ease.

Investment Performance Monitoring

Provide Investment Performance Monitoring

Calculating ROI and tracking investment performance is a serious duty for the Family Office professional. As investors strive to be smarter, they want their financial professionals to answer questions about investment performance, risk and benchmark comparisons. Our software can provide all of these answers and more.

Financial Navigator allows you to:

Complete Financial Statements

Prepare Financial Statements and Consolidated Reports

You can produce over 150 different reports, including financial statements, tax schedules and portfolio holdings. In addition, you can generate consolidated balance sheets, income statements and investment reports that span multiple years, entities or generations.

To serve your clients, you must be able to assess net worth across multiple entities quickly and routinely, for both business entities and individuals. Whether your clients are a set of parents and their children, or a multi-generational family with interests across multiple investment vehicles, our software will aggregate data from these investments into financial statements that accurately reflect your client's net worth.

Provide Bill Payment Services

Streamline Your Bill Payment Services

Our software can automate the time-consuming task of making disbursements from multiple bank accounts. It allows you to print from multiple bank accounts onto blank check stock — fully customized, professionally formatted and MICR-encoded — avoiding the need to handle multiple pre-printed check forms.

Financial Navigator allows you to:

  • Add your company logo to printed checks for a professional look.
  • Use electronic signatures to avoid having to have clients manually sign checks.
  • Make duplicate copies and stubs to keep for your records electronically or physically.
  • MICR-Encoded Check Printing - In this whitepaper, learn how Financial Navigator creates professional, MICR-encoded, printed checks.
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