Financial Statements

Financial Statements

Our software excels at handling high volumes of complex financial data tied to multiple entities. View information by month, quarter or across multiple years. You can generate comprehensive reports that provide your clients with a complete view of their finances.

Financial Navigator allows you to:

  • Create balance sheets that show summary or detail view of tax lots and your assets.
  • Understand your cost basis, tax basis, and fair market value.
  • Run income statements to understand where income is being generated and where expenses are being accumulated.
  • Generate cash flow reports to understand sources and uses of cash.
Tax Schedule Reports

Tax Schedules

Our solution can make it easier to get through tax season while not losing sight of your clients' short and long-term financial goals. It can account for investments by tax lot, at cost or fair market value, to determine up-to-the minute gains or losses. It also makes tax planning and reporting easy, providing all the information needed to prepare Form 1040 and related Schedules A through F.

Create meaningful tax reports in seconds directly from your transaction data. Reports are customizable too, so you can format them to your individual needs. Use built-in tax codes to identify and classify accounts across popular tax reports.

  • Run tax schedules A through F.
  • Generate income tax summaries, passive activity reports and working interest summaries.
  • Export data to popular tax software like ProSystem™ Tax, GoSystem™ Tax, and Lacert™.

Portfolio Analysis Reports

Portfolio Analytics

Use portfolio analytics to gain insight about your investments. Create asset allocation reports across multiple managers and custodians to determine the type and amount of investments being managed and by whom. Get a big picture view of investment exposure across all of your entities.

Our software uses information from Interactive Data™ and Russell Investments™ to make sense of your investments. The holdings in your portfolio are automatically classified by geography, capitalization, sector, industry and other criteria. This allows you to spend your time analyzing instead of classifying.

  • Generate meaningful reports that clearly display the diversification of your equity portfolio.
  • See sector breakdowns, industry classifications and geographic analysis of your investments.
  • Understand all of your equity holdings whether they're in one portfolio or multiple portfolios.
  • Compare the allocation of your portfolio to the holdings of major Russell™ indexes.
Investment Performance Reports

Performance Reporting

Generate investment performance reports using money-weighted or time-weighted calculations. Now you can compare the performance of your portfolio managers against each other and against industry benchmarks using consistent methods of calculation. This allows you to better evaluate which managers are truly adding value and which are not.

Financial Navigator allows you to:

  • Produce individual or summary reports for each portfolio, broker or investment manager.
  • Compare your returns against over 225 major indexes. See list »
  • Analyze the risk level in your portfolios using Sharpe Ratio or Standard Deviation calculations.

Consolidated Reporting

Consolidated Reporting

Our integrated platform enables you to consolidate financial data across multiple entities in seconds. Group your entities in any combination and consolidate them together on individual reports. Eliminate time spent on report aggregation and put an end to those copy & paste errors once and for all!

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