Data Aggregation

In order to be meaningful, reports must be generated in a timely fashion. The data aggregation needed to generate such reports can be a challenge to maintain with limited staffing. We can help.

Our highly experienced personnel can keep you current with this vital component of back-office administration. We are available to assist you with the aggregation of your financial data from a variety of sources, powered by ByAllAccounts. Our services include:

  • Retrieval and reconciliation of your bank, credit card, and portfolio transactions across all of your accounts.
  • Reconciliation of your portfolio positions and adjustments for corporate actions.
  • Revaluation of your investment portfolios and alternative investments.

Report Preparation

Our team can also provide a comprehensive and insightful set of financial reports on an on-going basis. We work with our clients to understand their reporting needs and develop the right group of reports to serve them best. Examples of our report preparation service include:

  • Summary and detailed reporting of all investment positions.
  • Calculation of investment performance and comparison against industry benchmarks.
  • Analysis of asset allocation across all investments.
  • Consolidation of multiple entities and/or years for complete financial picture.
  • Generation of custom reports based on individual client needs.